Calling all artists to submit original art for the next show at the Encore! Performing Arts Center and Gallery. Located in Cloquet, MN at 2035 Hwy 33 South. “The Great Nursing Home Escape” by Nathan Hartswick, is our next production. This one act play takes place in a locked-down nursing home. The misfit band of characters (ringleader, grouch, gossip, Casanova, airhead and shy one) try to escape only to have their best- laid plans go awry with hilarious results! *IDEAS: elderly portraits, antiques, dreams of youth, etc.

Your task is to creatively weave the theme of the play into the theme of your art. ( Any new work will also be accepted.)

  • Each artist can submit up to three original pieces, ready to hang. No prints!
  • Label(on back) all art with your name, medium and price. All sales go to the artist unless you choose to donate part of your proceeds to the gallery.
  • Deliver art on or before Monday, Feb. 4, 2019. Normal hours are 9-5. Call Joel at (218) 451-0715 to insure that the theater is open. Art might not be accepted after this date!
  • The art opening will be Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019. 6-7pm In appreciation for displaying your art, you are invited to attend the final dress rehearsal for free which follows the opening. Please bring a treat to share!
  • Pick up your art on or after Feb. 25, 2019. Creatively yours, Kris Nelson (218) 348-7619 – Encore Gallery Art Curator Joel Soukkala (218) 451-0715 – General Manager p.s. The County Seat Theater Annual Mtg is on Jan.25 from 6-8pm Please consider coming to this free event and becoming a member!
Encore Performing Arts Center
Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Gallery is open during the run of each show when theater office is open.

The Encore! Gallery is open to artists of all ages and genre. Each artist is allowed two pieces into each show. All profits from sales go back to the artist. For more information about our gallery and submission dates please contact Art Curator Kris Nelson at 218-348-7619 or visit back to this site for updates.

Gallery Mission is to “Creatively weave the art work in the gallery with the theme of the current production in the theater.”

Encore Performing Arts Center